Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taking Requests


I intend for this blog to be about the best paper mache methods that I use, explained in the clearest way that I can.

My Laboratory blog is a jumble of evolving information. you can get a lot out of it, but please bare in mind that I leave the old info there as well as the new, and some methods are no longer part of my favored methods.

Being very busy and planning to get busier, I cannot contribute to to this blog very often, but

tell me what are the methods you'd like to see explained in detail, and I'll try to focus on the most requested ones.

The next thing I'll write about, sometime soon in the new year::
I plan on trying the Chinese stacked paper method (name??) soon, and I hope to make a video to accompany it. It consists of making a sort of pancake of newspaper and glue, then tearing that into small pieces and placing over a form, or into a mold.  Sounds familiar, but I tried it before and I failed. I have the missing pieces of the puzzle after talking to a colleague who explained it better, and now I feel like it will be a success.
It might save me a lot of time when making copies of my masks, from molds.

Write you soon,


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